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WhichHood.org is an experimental sketch for a collaborative neighborhood mapping tool.

High-quality neighborhood boundaries could form the basis for many civic apps -- news, issue reporting, local retail, planning, etc. But those maps don't exist. Any available data typically represent an administrative or real estate focused view. The "official" boundaries don't adapt and grow as rapidly as neighborhoods do in our daily use. What if a community data source existed, generated from thousands of individual contributions? What if adding data to that resource was kinda fun? Maybe a bit competitive? A game?

Drawing actual boundaries for neighborhoods is hard: you don't always know the other side of a neighborhood edge, only the one closest to you. Instead, whichhood.org asks you to identify neighborhoods block by block.

whichhood.org was created by Holobiont at the Great Urban Hack, November 6/7, 2010. Source on github. Feedback invited to @fkh.

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